Are You Living Your Best Life?

Below is an excerpt from the published article Change the way you approach life and watch your life change, by Dr. Dravon James

Are you living your dream life?  If you could be doing anything with your life would you choose to be doing what you are currently doing?  If you answered NO to either of those questions than your next question should be, why.  

What’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams?  Is your answer: money, time, spouse, kids, job, health?  

You may be surprised to know that most people report that their life doesn’t come close to resembling their dream life.  According to a recent Gallup poll 85% of people world wide hate their jobs and the divorce rate in America is hoovering around 50%.   Is living your dream life and elusive fairytale?  Is it akin to the search for unicorns and flying bunnies?  

No, not at all.  There will always be challenges to provide opportunities for growth and development but living a life that resembles your dream life is easier than your think.  To create positive change in your external world you must first develop an empowering, nourishing, and secure internal world. Changing your life involves changing how you approach life. 

The Every Day Peace philosophy is founded on the truth that you and you alone give meaning to every event that occurs in your life.  When you understand how to leverage the daily events and mine nuggets of gold in those unfortunate moments you become a master creator.  Become an EDP (Every Day Peacemaker) and watch your life evolve.

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