The Power of Pacing

Below is an excerpt from the book Freedom is Birthright, by Dr. Dravon James

Stop rushing through the present moment. Too many of us spend lives rushing…rushing…rushing. Our days are filled-to capacity and we can’t see any way to remove items from jam-packed to-do lists. In addition to overwhelming daily obligations, we are also dealing with rushing minds…thoughts whirling around at such a rapid pace that we’re in constant anxious states.

When we dash around, we are not doing ourselves or anyone else a favor. As the old saying goes, “we’re going nowhere fast.” Become more aware of your movements, your conversations, and your thoughts throughout the day. When you catch yourself rushing, take control of your physical body by immediately slowing down.

A racing mind is actually not searching for the next thing to do, it is seeking stillness.  It’s looking for a peaceful place to be quiet.  In order to live free, you have to be willing to reject some commonly held notions. Here’s a big lie to let go of: multitasking is the mark of a highly effective person. It is not! Multitasking increases the feeling of anxiety.  Resist the temptation to rush, instead take a “one thing in this one moment,” approach to your day. 

“Be happy for this. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam

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