From Surviving to Thriving

Below is an excerpt from the published article, Wait and See by Dr. Dravon James

As the leader of pharmacy administration for a major metropolitan hospital group I have seen first-hand the irrevocable impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on peoples’ lives.  I have watched the extraordinary efforts of healthcare staff and cried at the death of co-workers.  The pandemic has caused fear, pain, and loss and sometimes that is all we see.  As we trod onward on the COVID Pandemic journey we are also presented with choices that will determine the course of our tomorrow.  Every Day Peace teaches us to use the painful times in our lives to become stronger and accelerate the journey to our next level of greatness.

Self-quarantine and curfew have created a stillness across the land.  It’s rare that chaos results in stillness.  And because we are accustomed to existing in the midst of hustle and bustle our first instinct is to seek distractions or even create distractions.  This works for a few days and maybe even for a few weeks, thus we are able to find enough distractions to keep us from the task at hand.  Hopefully we all, in our own time, come to the conclusion that we are not trapped in our homes.  Instead, we have been placed in a purposeful time out. 

What if we used this time to realign with our true self? 

The self that exists without clothing, shoes, and for us women, makeup.  The self that exists without flesh and bones.  The self that is and always will be.  This is a season of rebirth.  The world has shifted gears and we are temporarily moving slower.  Suspended task and activities have given us more free time.  Use this free time to realign yourself because when you emerge into the new world you will be new too.  

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