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EveryDay Peace with Beth Greer & Shelly Wilson

Dravon James: Hello and welcome to our show! I’m Dr. Dravon James and this is EveryDay Peace. I am super excited to have you here with us today as we explore the concept of living a life of peace every day. Peace defined as: wholeness, completeness, nothing missing, nothing broken totality. I just want you to just sit with that for just a second. Inhale that peace, every day, hold that inhale for just a second and then slowly but completely exhale knowing that, yes, peace every day is possible! Yes, you deserve everyday peace and absolutely you can have everyday peace. We work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guest to partner with you as YOU create your life of peace every day. And as our listeners know, our anthem for 2021 is What are we waiting for? Time is a resource that only moves in one direction. And as everyday peacemakers, we don’t wait for opportunity. We create opportunity. And I’m so happy that we gather here as a community supporting each other as we travel on our personal journey towards everyday peace. Now, I have received such positive feedback from our two incredible speakers from last week. Last week, we were welcomed, Ruble Chandy, who discussed the advantages to starting your own business and compared entrepreneurship to a self-help program. Imagine that! Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to stretch yourself, to grow to what they call fail. You know, I don’t believe there’s any such thing as failure, but to so-called fail to learn and become stronger, gaining confidence through so-called failure. That is a common theme for those of us in seeking everyday peace. We know that everything that shows up in our life, the good, the bad and the in-between has come for one reason, and that is to bow down and serve us as we consciously create our next level of greatness. So entrepreneurship, a self-help program. We also had the amazing Allison Jones on last week discussing her book Measure Twice Cut once navigating negativity in toxic relationships. Allison observed that toxic relationships require two people and that we should look first towards ourself for resolution. Wow. There’s another great piece of advice from our fabulous guest from last week and an EveryDay Peace. You know, we teach that owning every part of our life, owning every part of our journey is critical for long term balance and happiness. So if you missed last week’s show, I strongly urge you to go back and listen. There was such great information and wisdom shared.If you did hear last week’s show, and you know someone who is thinking of starting their own business or maybe they’re in a toxic relationship, well, it’s not too late. They, too, can catch up on last week’s show. And, in fact, listen to any of our past podcasts by just going to. Apple, Spotify, Google Play or Stitcher, or you can listen online at the Unity Online website, Under Dr. Dravon James on all of those sites. So please join us to get the wisdom from those previous episodes. And there’s lots of wisdom there. You know, it’s a great way to partner with yourself in this journey called EveryDay Peace. So you can get to where you want to go and if you have not completed your free course registration to discover your passion. Email me at Dravonjames@gmail.com. Put the word free in the subject line and we’ll get that to you. In today’s program. We have two more really great segments. I am excited. First, we have Beth Greer, who is going to discuss how we can tap into our body’s natural healing. In the second half of the show, we have Shelly Wilson. She will talk to us about how we can embrace the magic within and wake up to our greatness. I can’t wait. But before we get to that, let’s have our everyday peace moment. Today, we’re talking about fear. Last week, we had a great discussion with Ruble Chandy about fear. We discussed that fear serves an important purpose in our lives. Fear warns us of danger. Fear simply wants to protect us. Fear can help us take into account unexpected circumstances. In its best state. Fear can be a trusted adviser that allows us to make good decisions by seeing all the risk. But at its worst, however, when fear overwhelms us, it becomes and this is what Ruble said to us, it becomes like a bad boss, a really bad boss, a boss that doesn’t listen to logic, a boss that cannot realize opportunities for growth, and a boss that holds us back. That’s fear at its worst. I want to just say that again. So think about you. We’ve all been in those job situations where we think, well, the bosses just give us a chance. Fear is acting like it’s the boss of us and it’s saying, no, I won’t listen to logic that says that you should proceed and everything will be OK. I will not recognize that there is an opportunity of growth. Just beyond fear and fear and that seeks to hold us back. One of my favorite quotes is from Nelson Mandela, who said, I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. So how do we triumph over fear? How do we do that? In order to defeat fear, we must first be aware that it exists. Yeah, you can’t change something to be aware that it’s there. So we must recognize that fear is present. We need to understand that it’s fear itself is not real. It is created by our own brain as an early warning sign or signal for danger. So the danger may be real, but the fear is something that our mind makes up in. Tells us a story about the danger. Fear is created by YOU or is created by me. And so whatever we create, we can control. Isn’t that empowering to know that if you created it, you can control it so we can make the choice to control fear or we can refuse to control fear and let fear control us? So think about that the next time you get afraid, approaching it and looking towards resolution is a wise thing to do, letting fear stop us in our tracks and keep us from our dreams and goals. Probably not where we want to be. So that leads us to our fabulous guest today. Beth Greer is a best selling author and founder of True Vitality Project, an organization dedicated to natural healing. Welcome to the show, Beth!

Beth Greer: Thanks. It’s great to be here, Dravon.

Dr.Dravon James: Oh, it’s so great to have you. We’re just gonna jump right in. You have an amazing story. So tell us how you first got interested in natural healing.

Beth Greer: Ok, and I just wanted to say that I so love your message of everyday peace because I wasn’t experiencing it back when, you know, my journey started. I have it now, but I didn’t have it then. This is 19 years ago. I was running a large company called The Learning Annex. And I was stressed and I wasn’t listening to my inner voice. I wasn’t paying attention to the signals until I developed this pain in my shoulder that came out of nowhere. And I went to the chiropractor and after five treatments, it was getting worse. And he said, you need to get an MRI because I think you’re having a herniated disc. Well, it wasn’t a herniated disc, but the MRI showed I had a mass in my chest. And it was I thought, how could this have happened to me? I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle. I ate what I thought was healthy food. I even had a meditation practice. I didn’t smoke. So. I had a biopsy, it was luckily not cancerous, but it was a large nerve root tumor and it was pressing on the nerves that ran down my arm in my first three fingers were getting numb. I was terrified. I mean, I just didn’t know what to do. Initially, I started consulting with surgeons. I went to three top surgeons where I live in the Bay Area, San Francisco. They all have different opinion on how to access this thing. They said, one I said cut me under my collarbone, the second one said, no, no, no, we’re going to cut you under your armpit to access it in the third one said, no, I’m going to remove one of your ribs from the back and and take it out. And I remember he used the words, I will heal you. That’s when I sort of ran for the door. And I just thought, well, this is not happening because I knew that surgery is risky. I knew that they could nic a nerve that ran down my arm and I could have permanent, you know, not feeling my fingers. So as luck would have it, I had booked a week down in San Diego at this place called The Optimal Health Institute, and where they do juice, fasting and colonics and meditating and all this. And so I remember I was there and I’m eating this raw food and drinking wheatgrass juice and all this. And then they had us talk to our, quote, disease. Right. So I asked I said, why are you here? What’s the message like? Why why do I have this mass in my chest? And the word came back, “to simplify.” It was just a big simplify. And I just thought, wow, OK, I’m simplifying my food right now. And so after a few days here, but this is the fourth or fifth day I noticed the pain that I was in started to diminish and I was able to not knock myself out with a sleeping pill at night. So it was, you know, gradual. But anyway, I came home and I decided I was going to eat raw food and just continue on this process of meditating and internal cleansing. And and then I remember I thought, well, what else can I simplify? And I remember putting on some moisturizer and I looked at the bottle and the label and there was like two paragraphs worth of chemicals on there. And I thought, well, this can’t be good, you know, and I have a background in journalism. And so I started doing research and I realized that all these chemicals into our bloodstream, our skin is our largest organ. And so I thought, well, I’m switching at all natural products. And I started using coconut oil. And to this day, I’m still using baking soda for deodorant. I put it on under my armpits and it’s fantastic because both deodorants are pretty toxic. And then I thought, well, what else can I simplify? And I remember I have this bottle of Windex and I was spraying down my counters and I looked at the label and it said precautionary statement, hazardous to humans and domestic animals. And I thought, woaw, I didn’t know that this could be a problem. You know, I grew up with this stuff, so I switched out to all natural cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, white vinegar and the things that my grandmother used. And lo and behold, it took about six months.The pain went away. And then I about a few months later, I had the the mass stand and it had disappeared.So that was my big wake up call. OK, I get it. You know, listening to your inner wisdom and also knowing that our bodies can solve you when you cut your finger. The cells come up and do the healing. Right. So the same thing happens internally as well. If you don’t sort of gunk it up with all the stuff that we’re exposed to on a daily basis that we just don’t know can be toxic.

Dr.Dravon James: Wow, I mean, this is an amazing story because you had three health professionals, three surgeons gave you three different solutions, all involving surgery for the removal of the non malignant mass that was there in your body. And you were able to resolve it by simplifying, which I would imagine you didn’t say this. But in your story, I kind of hear that the simplifying process also may involve your lifestyle as well when we’re talking about simplifying, because the body, as I know it, does not lie. Right. Right. Our mouths can lie. We can deny, deny, deny. But the body really tells the truth. I am doing something that is not supporting, you know, what I came to do on this universe. I am involved in a situation that does not support the path I should be on. In your case.And it is something that I shouldn’t be eating that is causing this disturbance in the dis-ease as they will, you know. So all of those things. Did you change your lifestyle other than the eating and the cleaning products?

Beth Greer: Yes, absolutely! So what I realized was that the business I was running was called the Learning Annex. It was a multinational company. I was very successful, but financially, but not really spiritually. And so I wound up leaving the company and I started writing my book, Supernatural Home, about what goes in, what goes on and what surrounds us. And Deepak Chopra endorsed it and so did Dr. Joseph Mikola and a bunch of other people. So it was just fantastic and it just completely changed my life. I basically reinvented myself from an entrepreneur to, you know, a journalist, author, and now I’m helping others to heal and to understand what they’re being exposed to in their everyday lives.

Dr.Dravon James: I want to get into that, because there’s so much in your story right now that I think listeners could take away from, because you can imagine how afraid. I can imagine how afraid you must have been to get that kind of news. But then you didn’t let fear. We’re talking about fear and everyday peace moment. You didn’t let fear stop you in your tracks. You let that fear guide you to your inner self, which guide you, which led you to the Health Institute, Optimum Health Institute, where you, were you able to willing to try something new, not just sitting there and worried about. I’m sure you were still concerned about it, but you let that event drive you into action in the action that I hear was inside to go listen, because you could’ve gone with the first option or the second option or the third option, all of those seemed pretty drastic. So that’s an important thing.

Beth Greer: Yeah, I know that’s very accurate. I was frightened and it brought me to my knees, but I did not let fear rule, rule it. And I didn’t. You know, doctors have great services if you’re in an accident or if you have, you know, but this thing I didn’t want to have invasive surgery and I just thought, well, let me see if I can heal myself first and, you know, overcome that fear because most people think, OK, just give myself over to the medical profession. And I didn’t do that. So I had trust and faith.

Dr.Dravon James: Right. And that’s not to say and I love what you say. No, that’s not to say that the medical profession would have been wrong. We’re all on our own personal journey. So that’s definitely not the message that we’re giving here. But I think what I’m here mostly is to listen, go within and to listen, because the answer is there when we choose to vibrate at the at the energetic level of the answer instead of just a question. So we’re right.

Beth Greer: I just want to say. The one thing that I never got an answer from them, the doctors, was why, they didn’t what caused this tumor? They didn’t know. They just wanted to cut it out. And for me, with my investigative reporting background, I wanted to know why, what, what is the root cause of why I got sick? And so that’s what drove me. And so when I realized that by getting rid of toxins and cleaning things up in my body and in my home, that can improve my health, that was huge.

Dr.Dravon James: Yeah, because otherwise you’d always live with I don’t know why this is how my mind works, then I just put a Band-Aid on something and perhaps I could duplicate the behavior in the situation, could be could return or could return in a worse state. So, I agree with that. We can get to the root cause of the situation. We have a better chance of resolving it for good. So we’re we’re talking about we’re alluding to the stem cells for natural healing. And you’ve talked about you’ve said that the body is designed and I believe this, the body is designed to heal itself.Right,

Beth Greer: right.And this we need a little boost sometimes, but I have been looking over the years for something that is non pharmaceutical. I don’t like the idea of using pharmaceutical drugs. So I’m looking for natural things. And so what I discovered was I had been kicked in the leg as a child, a teenager playing soccer, and it never really healed properly. There was always been the swelling. And as I aged, I got into my 50s and my 60s even, the leg got full of fluids edema and purple veins and bulging this and that. It looked like the leg of a 90 year old woman. And so I had discovered that as we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies, stem cells are the those sort of master cells that can heal. And so recovery slower after exercise and wounds and injuries take longer to heal. So I discovered this these patches there, they don’t contain any medicine. They’re just made from crystals and they respond to the light and heat from our bodies. That and it stimulates a peptide inside of us, which then in turn will produce, you know, your own stem cells. And so what was amazing to me was I after wearing it for just a month, I noticed a difference. But by month three, my leg improved to 85 percent. It’s kind of shocking, like jaw dropping, actually, if you see the pictures so people can go look at the Truevitalityproject.com and you can see the pictures of my leg on there. It’s pretty amazing.

Dr.Dravon James: So this is amazing! What you’re seeing is that you see this injury occurred when you were very young and all the way into your 60s, you’ve had this occasional swelling of this leg. Three months after wearing the crystals. Did you just wear the crystal around your neck?

Beth Greer: The patches are like a Band-Aid.They look like a round Band-Aid,

Dr.Dravon James:Like a lot like a wrap.Like you kind of like a Band-Aid, like a huge Band-Aid wraps or something.

Beth Greer:  No. You know, it’s about an inch round in diameter. It’s like a patch. It’s not a wrap, it’s a small, little Band-Aid. You wear on the back of your neck and it’s embedded with crystals, microscopic. You know, they’re not they don’t hurt or anything. And then when you wear it on your skin,it stimulates a peptide inside of us called GHK Copper Peptide. And that, in turn, will stimulate our own stem cells.So, wow,

Dr.Dravon James: Wow, now I got to tell you, I’ve been a pharmacist for over 30 years and I’m very aware of all kinds of patches. You said that the first thing I thought about, oh, you put a scopolamine patch behind your ear and, you know, you could drive or go on a cruise without being nauseated, but you put this crystal patch behind your ear and you’re able to heal. Inflammation swelling in the body, in the knee, yes, that these GHK peptides, my Goodness.

Beth Greer: Yeah, that’s right. And it’s not transdermal. So there’s nothing it’s not like the patch you mentioned. You know, there’s nothing in it. But these light crystals, Crystals that are stimulated by the light and heat on your body. So I have a friend with M.S. She has terrible neuropathy in her feet. And she said now after wearing them for a few months, she can feel her toes again. I have another friend with Parkinson’s. Her, balance is better, she said. I just noticed one day I’m not walking down the stairs holding onto the handrail anymore. So it’s pretty amazing. This is a real cutting-edge new technology that I’ve been searching for for years and I feel like I finally found it so.

Dr.Dravon James:Oh, my God, you just mentioned two debilitating disorders the PMS and the Parkinson’s and I know we have listeners who could benefit from knowing. And I think I maybe interrupted you on how they could get more information on this, how they could go about getting this. I mean, this is something they’d have to see a naturopathic doctor for. How would they get access to these?

Beth Greer: No if they got a Truevitalityproject.com? That is my website. And there’s information on all of that I’m talking about, there’s photos of people who have healed from psoriasis. And my friend Gail had skin cancer surgery and she had an open wound on her skin. The doctor said it’ll take a year for your skin to heal. She healed in 21 days so her pictures on there anyway. So, yes, they go there, they can download. I have a free e-book and then there’s a way to email me and. Yeah, and I just want our bodies can become healthy, our spirit, our spirits, cancer, and, you know, that’s really what I want to leave listeners with.

Dr.Dravon James: Oh, you’re so right about that! Because when we are basically in pain or uncomfortable, what happens is our focus goes to that area and it subtracts focus from other areas. So once we started focusing on the pain, you know, where the focus goes, the energy goes in there and we start drawing more of the light towards us. So the healthier we can keep this vehicle, this body that we’re living in, the more we can keep our focus in the right direction so we can draw those things into our lives that we want. So we talked about the Parkinson’s, we talked about the M.S. and some other things. What else would the Crystal’s patches be good for?

Beth Greer: Oh, Lyme disease, there is a woman who had been bedridden for two years and now she’s got her life back. She said every day there are these testimonial calls that are just extraordinary of people who have been healed. Pain is the big one. Eczema, migraines, you know, people who just it improves your. Your vitality and your sense of, you know, energy levels, and one of my friends had had heart bypass surgery, had three stents, and then he said, you know, he’s in his 60s. He was shuffling around and he said Beth you came just at the right time because I feel like I’ve got my life back again. So I sort of wish because I feel young again. Does that sound weird? I said that’s exactly what can happen.

Dr.Dravon James: Oh, I love it. I have so many questions just popping off in my head like firecrackers. But so in as you said, how about mood disorders, people who are suffering from mild anxiety or depression?

Beth Greer: Well, I’ll tell you, the company has 10 different patches. And one of the patches that I wear, there’s one of them is called the X 39. That’s the stem cell-stimulating one. But they have one called Ion and that’s an anti-stress patch. And I tell you, when COVID started, I would wake up every morning with anxiety. I’d like you to know, I wake up like that because in the pit of my stomach and when I started wearing the Aeon patch that is gone. So, yeah. So that’s all I can say about that. Yeah. 

Dr.Dravon James: I would imagine so much disease is a dis-ease in the body is caused by inflammation. So I would imagine that with the peptide one of the things that is happening too is a reduction of inflammation to some degree. Now, are the patches reusable?

Beth Greer: No, you wear them for 12 hours on, you get 30 and they call it a sleeve, this little packet comes with 30 of them and then you wear one for 12 hours on to activate the patch and then you take it off for 12 hours so your body can regenerate. So that’s simple. And, you know, no one can say you can wear, I wear it on the back of my neck and or you can wear it below your navel. It’s just as simple as that. And I love that you don’t have to take anything internally.

Dr.Dravon James: You’re going to be hitting it quickly. I don’t want our listeners to miss Truevitalityproject.com, Truevitalityproject.com, go to the True Vitality Project to find out more about these amazing patches. This is amazing! Beth, Thank you so much for being our guest today.

Beth Greer:Thank you.

Dr.Dravon James: Welcome back. I’m Dr. Dravon James and this is EveryDay Peace. I’m so excited to introduce you to our next guest. Shelly Wilson is an author, lecturer, consultant and coach. And her passion is helping people wake up to their own greatness. How amazing is that? That fits right in with what we do here at EveryDay Peace today we are discussing her book, 28 Days to a New You. Shelly, welcome to our show.

Shelly Wilson:  Thank you so much, Dr.James.

Dr.Dravon James: I got to tell you that anything that starts off with me being new and better in 28 days gets my full attention. That’s exactly right. I just I just love it! And so your bio states that you support others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. I love that too! To experience aliveness. Can you explain to the listeners what you mean, what that means and how do you actually do that? How can you help someone, you know, get conscious and experience aliveness?

Shelly Wilson:  Right. Well, first of all, you know, we are all human. We’re having this human life experience. And it seems like a lot of people are busy wishing their life away. You know, they’re waiting for the tomorrow’s. They’re waiting for the weekend. They’re waiting for Friday to get here. And a lot of people are going through the motions. Once again, they’re existing. They’re not really living their life fully. And to me, part of this being alive is embodying all of this human life experience and, you know, having the challenges as well as the triumphs and definitely doing our best to maintain that inner peace, because we know much like your show title Everyday Peace, peace is where we find balance. It’s where we create from. And to me, this is all about living life. And to me, that’s what we really want to do. We want to live life and not feel like we’re on autopilot.

Dr.Dravon James: Oh, that is so often right, we do that, you know, tell people that I coach, have you ever been in the car and you are driven to work and you don’t remember anything on the way to work, you just on autopilot. You know, you go to the grocery store and you’re on autopilot. And that’s part of our life that we’re just kind of bleep, you know, we’re just not conscious and available for. So I think the key to so many things is being present in the moment. I agree 100 percent. So we’re focusing on your book, 28 Days to a New You. Is it really? And I told you, I love that. Right. When I’m the kind of person I see that title, I’m hooked. I’m like, right, what do I need to do? So is it really possible to transform our life in that length of time in 28 days?

Shelly Wilson: Well, there’s definitely a belief that it takes 21 days to change a habit. And of course, that’s an average assessment as everyone’s different. However, when we start really setting the intention that we desire some aspect of change in our life and we intentionally focus our energy, their change is absolutely possible. It’s possible in a day’s time. But what we want to recognize and I will tell you the secret to this, to making the change, is actually shifting our perception. So it’s being able to look at our life, our experiences that we’ve already had, the ones that we’re currently having and the ones that we’ll have in the future, being able to see them through the lens of love from that higher social perspective and really recognize that there’s an opportunity for learning and growth there.

Dr.Dravon James: That is now, that sounds easy, and I want to say that it really is easy. And I have this phrase that I use with my clients simple-complex, which means that the whole process is very simple. This is not going to be rocket science. Right? The complex thing is that we are engineered by association. You know, the things that we pay attention to the media, the people that we talk to, we’re engineered to make to make things harder by we make a practice out of negativity. You know, it could be the smallest thing. You know, it snowed where I was today. And I’m you know, I’m a fan of hot weather, but we think, OK, because it’s snow now, this has to be a negative thing and it has to be. So our perspective on things tends to go towards the negative instead of saying, well, now let’s see how this could be good for me. That is not our natural tendency. Our natural tendency is to find out how this has come to ruin me.

Shelly Wilson:  Right. And if we can see that, you know, the universe loves us, that God loves us, that, you know, everything is a matter of perspective and creation. And I want to share a quote. Albert Einstein said, “The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Dr.Dravon James: Right? Yeah. And, you know, funny you said Albert Einstein, because I was just going to mention that there’s something else that he said. You know, “Everyday when we get up, we have to make this decision whether or not we live in a hostile world or friendly world.” And that decision right there, your answer to that s out to get you, then guess what? You’re right. And if you get up thinking that the universe is out to support you, then guess what? You’re right. You’re right. So that perspective is so very important. I love, I love that. And I hope our audience really gets that. It’s only as complex as you want it to be. We could make the decision. I strongly agree. We can make the decision right now in this moment to shift our perspective.

Shelly Wilson: Absolutely! And much of once again, your show title EveryDay Peace, if we can focus on being present, being adaptable, being flexible, that’s actually where the magic happens.

Dr.Dravon James: [Adaptable and flexible. Isn’t that something? We were talking about fear today, and I said, I always say, you know, so-called failure because, you know, we so quick to label something as a failure, you know, and but it really is our perspective on that, you know? Well, I discovered a way not to do that or not to achieve what I want to achieve. Who knows what excellent thing is going to come out of that. Some of my best recipes have come out of so-called failures in the kitchen. And so that that whole shift of mindset is so very important. And I do want to say this because I know that I used to be engineered this way. I can sort of be task-oriented in my thinking sometimes and realize that, oh, my gosh, I have to start this process all over every day. And yes, you do right. You get stronger and stronger, but you can’t say, oh, I, I didn’t have a good outlook on today. So it’s over. No, you just you know, that’s part of the process. And tomorrow you get up and you try again or five minutes later you try again and you start all over. And that IS the process. At least that’s what has been for me. How about you?

Shelly Wilson: I absolutely agree! And what keeps coming through to mention, of course, this past year has been challenging on many, many levels for a lot of people, even though most recently the weather has been very challenging. But if we can also take a moment, pause, be grateful for the experience, be grateful for the blessings. There was so much that also came out of these experiences that we perceived to be negative.

Dr.Dravon James: Yeah, take a moment. Oh, my goodness, take a moment, give yourself. I love that. Don’t rush to judgment. Don’t rush to call something, you know, to speak something into existence, take a moment and just become aware that it’s there. Because so I and I go back to this. We’ve been trained with everything. If you wake up to an alarm clock that comes on to music or the news, you realize that the first thing you probably hear that your situation is something giving you a negative perspective about something. Something’s going to go wrong. You know, the interest rate is doing the wrong going in the wrong direction for what you want or the, you know, the stock market or the crime or the price of gas. All of these things we wake up with this thing telling us that something is going in the wrong direction but if you just learn to stop and take a moment and be grateful for being present. Will shift a lot for you.

Shelly Wilson: [So that’s what I tell people to, you know, when we focus once again on attaining that peace within and knowing that once we achieve that and are really in that space of love, grace, gratitude, once again, whatever’s happening around us, we can respond to it rather than react. Because when there is fear and chaos and toxicity and heavy energy, as I like to deem it around us so many times, there’s things we can’t control that we absolutely can control how we perceive it. And then once again, how we choose to respond.

Dr.Dravon James: Yea, that is with our control, I think it was Kaavya, I can’t remember his name, first name right now. Who says circle of influence, circle of concern, looking for those things that we can control and that is the ego loves controls the right then and there involving the whole self. And the ego is always looking for something to control. And so now he gave it a job to do. You can control your response to this perceived event, right? You can control how you respond. The ego will be just delighted to jump in there and get involved to do that. But that takes training and it takes us wanting to, wanting to have change. And I like that you said, if you desire – if you desire to change and become a new you in 28 days, you certainly can. So then really asking yourself, well how would you benefit from becoming new? What parts of you do want to become new? So you encourage people to live their lives with passion, with presence, with purpose. And that’s so beautiful. I absolutely support that. What is the first step on the journey? And we talked about awareness, but what would you say? The absolute first thing that a person would have to do,

Shelly Wilson: They have to be present. They can absolutely reflect in the past and go through the could’ve, would’ve, might have been and spend time down memory lane and they can think about the tomorrow. But being president is the most important thing that we can do. And when we do that, that is all about being present once again. And then and then that purpose is to have a human experience, you know, to really embody once again this life that we’re living. And if anything doesn’t feel good to us, anything that we don’t like, well, it’s up to us to then change it or at least change the way we’re looking at it.

Dr.Dravon James:I love that now be present is something that we talk a lot about, and I got to tell you that it is a question that comes up again, another one of those simple, complex things to do. But do you have any advice for people on, how do they stay present? Because that’s a question I get a lot from listeners and clients, is how do I stay present? Because they are prone, you know, prone to wander. Right. But their mind is prone to go to the past, to the future. They have a very difficult time settling in this present moment.

Shelly Wilson: Uh huh. And I think once again is, you know, we need that quiet time. So whether you call it meditation or just being with yourself or prayer, you know, whatever term resonates with you personally. But the idea is to also recognize that if you’re constantly thinking about things, that’s like your radio signal that you’re sending out. So as often as you can just empty your mind and just allow yourself to be if you’re doing a task, absolutely. Focus energy there, but become aware of when your mind’s wandering and going to those different places. And that just once again helps us to be more present.

Dr.Dravon James:  Yeah, that quiet time and we go back to that a lot. There is no, you know, during Valentine’s Day, I did a lot of speaking and I talked to people about making sure you have some YOU time marked on your calendar. That is a hard schedule that is, you know, non-negotiable, that you need this time with you. And it doesn’t have to be a long length of time, five, 10 minutes, where you just have time in the silence to sit and let your mind rest, you know, to go to the space of no thought. And as the thoughts come, you just want to watch them like they float like clouds. And you can go back to your present moment and give yourself your mind a little break in. Believe me, I will enjoy that. They will. Thank you for it. What advice do you have for people who are having difficulty finding their passion and their purpose in their life?

Shelly Wilson:  Yes. Well, you definitely need to connect to your spirit, connect to your heart. And if you don’t know what you love to do, I recommend setting some time, finding some time and reflection, and really feeling into that. Because I will tell you, I have people that come to me that say, “I don’t know what I love” and I just kind of look at them. And I said, “well, let’s just start with the basics. What kind of food do you like? What kind of things do you like to do?” And when we just start opening the door that you can, you know, go with anything that you don’t have to just keep it in a certain box or it doesn’t have to be generalized. People begin opening more. And I said, you know, just to listen more to those things that you love. And when you’re doing that and you find joy in it, to me, that’s what it’s all about.

Dr.Dravon James: Oh, and I love that you break it down to very simple, tangible, if you will, things. What are some of the foods that you, like most of us could take? We could rattle off 10, 15 things that we love to eat. Right. And then you say you creating an environment where now your mind is focused on you and your likes. And I love that. I haven’t heard it done that way. What are some of the things that you like to eat? You know, and that is to let you know that you do know some things about yourself. Right.

Shelly Wilson: And I think people go into fear mode automatically, almost like they’re being put on the spot, like they’re going to say the wrong answer. And there is no wrong answer. This is your personal preference. This is, you know, once again tuning into those things that you enjoy and those things that you love.

Dr.Dravon James: Yeah, there is no wrong answer to you, and that, again, I think has to do with a lot of our socialization, thinking that we all should be desiring to drive the same type of car, live in the same type of communities, or wear our hair the same. And there’s very little tolerance or acceptance of people who just want to be them, whatever that is, especially if it doesn’t look like the norms, you know. So I think that’s important for us to say, you know, you can’t be wrong. We’re talking about you. There’s no wrong answer for what you like and what your passions are. So that’s important. And I think that leads us to this place of self-acceptance.

Shelly Wilson: Most definitely, and you know, what’s coming in to say is, you know, definitely have the disclaimer of those things that are unethical or cause harm or things like that, you know, so we want to make sure that that people recognize that, you know, definitely there’s repercussions and things like that. But, you know, for the most part, just allow yourself to be you and have this human experience.

Dr.Dravon James: Yeah. Yeah. It looks like we have a caller on the line. We’ll go here, pick a caller. Hello, you’re on the air, the EveryDay Peace show on our fabulous guest, today’s Shelly Wilson, did you have a question, comment or comment?Yes

Caller-1: Yes I did. So She, you know, prefaces that you can make a change in twenty eight days. My question for you guess is, how do you keep yourself on track? Let’s say you find yourself going along and it’s going well and you feel a change coming, but then something happens that causes you to get off track. It could be anything you find out a relative has COVID or you have a bad day job or all these sort of things, and then it kind of gets you frustrated. And so then you find it. So how do you navigate that and then get yourself to navigate that and then keep yourself on track?

Shelly Wilson:  Ok, so great question. And what I want to tell you is this is that simple-complex that Dr. James was talking about, too. Don’t feel restricted to a time element. The main thing you want to do is recognize your choosing, change and give yourself credit for the change that is happening. But know that you may accomplish what you desire much sooner or it may take a bit longer. But the main thing is your having the awareness of what you’re doing. So definitely don’t be critical if you feel that way. And the timeline. The main thing is knowing that you’re choosing it and you are capable of it and it’s already in the process because you’ve asked for it.

Caller-1:  That’s great, great, that’s wonderful, wonderful, thank you.

Shelly Wilson:  You’re welcome. You already made a change in this moment because you have the awareness of it, right? Exactly. And that didn’t take 28 days.

Caller-1: No, I didn’t, just a few seconds.

Dr.Dravon James: Thank you for being an Everyday Peacemaker. I love that answer too which involves patience.

Shelly Wilson:  Yes.

Dr.Dravon James:  Right. And I often say that, you know, that we have this part of us that wants to self criticize and that is not a place of sustainable change. That does not work. Our ego gets hyper-sensitive to that and will really sabotage where we want to go when we get into the start playing the shame, blame and condemnation game with ourselves. So being patient and I love the disclaimer that you had, knowing that whatever change that you’re trying to have in your life and that you’re embracing in your life, you would like for this to be for the good of mankind, for humankind. Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, the better that you become is as a co-participant in this journey called life will ultimately benefit humankind in some form or fashion. So that I love, that have that disclaimer and I love us being in this place of knowing that patience will be required. Right. Yeah. And is our caller. Go ahead.

Shelly Wilson: Well, as we choose change, it’s going to have a ripple effect throughout our lives and those around us too.

Dr.Dravon James: Yeah, it is right, because as we write, we have an impact, we have a huge impact on the lives of others, whether we realize it or not. And this is really an important place for me to say this, living out loud on purpose, your dream and your passion and what you came to serve in your journey called life, does not just benefit you in the people in this small community that you think it’s going to benefit. It does, as Shelly says, have a ripple effect. So when you when you stand in this place of fear and you say, well, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough, I am not enough. And so therefore I will not act on my dream and my passion. You really do a disservice to not only you, but to the rest of us. So that’s a plug, my plug for really getting out there and living out loud and on purpose and taking to heart 28 days to a new you too and I love in twenty days to the real you because you’re in there. You’re in there, right. Like, like spaghetti sauce. You are in there. Just go in there and allow yourself to unleash. So our first thing was being in the present moment is the key, finding this quiet still time. And I think we could do a whole show on that because so often people have difficulty with that. But as we’re learning to embrace the magic within us and to help us to live a life of passion and a presence and a purpose, what will be our next thing? We are in this we’re living in this present moment in step two could be? 

Shelly Wilson:Definitely magic is the power to create. So when you realize you’re a powerful creator, your thoughts create your reality and just know that get clear about what you desire and recognize once again that if anything, to become a conscious creator, focus on a feeling and trust that the universe is bringing to you exactly what you need in order to experience that feeling.

Dr.Dravon James:  Oh, we just touched on something there. You’re right, that feeling is magic, it is the key ingredient, the secret sauce, if you will, behind every goalpost you’ve ever made, every sort of talk or affirmation that you’ve ever quoted. The whole purpose of all of those things is to evoke a feeling in you. Right. And feeling is key to creation, what you feel with true intensity. So as you’re going through this, you’ll be mindful of what you’re feeling and that these intentions and see, you know, and make these slight shifts because they make a difference in discovering and living. Your life is your true self and making this 28 day shift to a new you shall. You have been a marvelous guest today. I’m super excited for the information that you’ve given us today. We really appreciate your sharing your insight on how we can become our new self in 28 days or less, as you pointed out. And for people who want to learn more about you, can you give us your website address?

Shelly Wilson: Yes, Shellyrwilson.com You got to make sure and put that R in there in order to find me in!

Dr.Dravon James:How can our guests get your book?

Shelly Wilson: [You can get your my books through my website, also through Amazon and they’re available as an ebook and paperback as well.

Dr.Dravon James: Thanks. Thanks again. Shelly it has been a delight talking to you. I want to thank our earlier guests Beth Greer. And now I actually have a little homework for our listening audience before our next week’s show airs. First, if you have not taken my free course on creating clarity and creating a path to your dream life, your passion, send an email to DrDravonjames@gmail.com Simply put, the word free in the title and we’ll get that out to you. Second homework assignment. I have received so much feedback about the show this year and I absolutely love it!! Thank you all so much. It helps me to continue to evolve and improve the time we spend together as Everyday Peacemakers. And if you like to give me your feedback, please send it to the same email address, DrDravonjames@gmail.com, And put the word feedback in the title. And we definitely look at those and endeavor to give us our time here today to be so useful. And third, if you want to learn more about everyday peace in this whole process, in this journey of life, stop by my website at Drdravonjames.com, and stop by quickly because is being updated and changed. So you can give me feedback on the changes. You can see the original and in a few days, you’re going to be able to see the new and improved website but stopped by the website. Learn more about where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re embracing, we are everyday peacemakers together. We’re in this journey together. And life is a team sport for which, for which you are the captain. I am the captain. Right. We’re running these teams and we are the captain. We get to decide every day. As our guests point out, every week after week, we get to decide what today means to us. All sorts of things are going to happen in our journeys, right. Some things we’re going to be absolutely thrilled that they’re happening and other things we’re going to wish that they would never happen to us or anyone else. All of those things have come for one reason, and that reason is to bow down and serve us as we consciously create our next level of greatness. And we learn how to do that by coming here together as a community on the EveryDay Peace show. I want to thank you so much for that. And I want to tell you that if you have missed any of our shows, are, you know, someone who would benefit a friend or a family member, that would benefit from listening to one of our amazing guests, please visit Apple, Spotify, GooglePlay or Stitcher. Or you can listen right here at the Unity Online Radio Network. You can listen to past episodes of the show there next week. As usual, we have an amazing lineup for you. And if you haven’t again registered for my free, I can’t tell you this. This course is amazing. The passion course. If you’ve not gotten that course, absolutely if it’s not for you it’s for somebody you know. So visit DrDravonJames@gmail.com. I am Dr.Dravon James. Thank you for being an everyday peacemaker. I absolutely love you!

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