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Every Day Peace Podcast: 72 Reasons to be Vegan and How to Move Your Life in the Right Direction

With our Guests Kathy Freston & Loree Bischoff Dr. Dravon James:  Hello and welcome to the show. I am Dr. Dravon James and This is Every Day Peace. I am super excited to have you here with me today as we explore the concept of living a life of PEACE,  everyday. Peace Defined as: Wholeness, …

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EveryDay Peace with Beth Greer & Shelly Wilson

In today’s episode of EveryDay Peace we continue on our daily triumph to conquer our fear and get to the root of what we are sent here to accomplished. We are joined by Beth Greer and Shelly Wilson! We get exciting information on how to activate our stem cells for healing and the power of living and eating clean, with clean living and stem cells advocate Beth Greer. We also get enlightenment on how to change your life for the better in 28 days OR LESS with Author of 28 Days To a New You. Why wait when you can listen now!

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Everyday Peace with Ruble Chandy & Allison Jones

Join us for an exciting show with guest speakers Ruble Chandy Business Accelerator and author of 90 Days to Life and Allison Jones former HR director and Author of Measure Twice Cut once.
We get answers on how to conquer fear when starting a business, how to heal toxic relationships and, much more today on Everyday Peace with yours truly, Dr. Dravon James.

The Power of Pacing

Below is an excerpt from the book Freedom is Birthright, by Dr. Dravon James Stop rushing through the present moment. Too many of us spend lives rushing…rushing…rushing. Our days are filled-to capacity and we can’t see any way to remove items from jam-packed to-do lists. In addition to overwhelming daily obligations, we are also dealing …

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