12 Sep

Peace at the Crossroads

Every Day Peace

In this fantastic journey called life we will arrive at many crossroads. In fact, many of us could possibly identify a multitude of crossroads that exist in our lives today. The good news is that you will be victorious in every crossroad you face. I know that sounds a little too optimistic for some of us and perhaps you are conjuring up memories of what appear to be crossroad failures, but if you are reading this then chances are you are still alive and the final chapter of your story has not yet been published. Many times, we label an outcome as a failure when in fact it is a setup for the grand prize.


A universal truth is that we were designed to prosper. Yes, there will be crossroads, but we will be victorious. Knowing this universal truth can help to relieve the pressure of worrying about how things are going to turn out, but we may still feel anxious and upset in the midst of the challenge. Worrying seems to come so naturally to the human experience. Some how, we have included worrying as one of the necessary steps in the strategic plan for resolution. When we find ourselves at a crossroad many of us spend an enormous amount of time worrying, analyzing the facts of the situation, talking to others about it, lying awake at night thinking about it. We can’t sleep, we can’t rest, and we can’t think clearly. This is not peace.


Peace is the only thing we need at the crossroad. So, how do we get peace when everything seems so out of order? The good news is that the energy that we use to worry is the same energy that we are going to use to deliver us to our desired outcome. At the crossroad peace will be achieved when we harness our energy to become still; physically still, verbally still, mentally still, and emotionally still. Be still, don’t look for a plan and don’t search for an answer. When we become still we allow the energy to have a different outward effect on our lives. In the stillness, the energy generates a gravitational force that draws the desired situations into our lives.


The act of being still is not passive. It is active and it requires practice and discipline. I encourage you to practice it today. In your stillness don’t try to talk or pray to a higher being, just be still. When we become still we allow true communication to occur. You may find that an idea flashes through your being and that the idea creates a feeling of calmness and completeness. I encourage you to follow through on the ideas and communications that occur within you during the stillness. Follow through even if they appear to be totally unrelated to the situation that has delivered you to the crossroads. I know that you will be pleased with the PEACE and the OUTCOME that you experience during the journey.


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