Most Requested Speaking Topics

Let Dr. Dravon James teach you how to transform your thinking, to create the life of your dreams.  Learning how to use everything that shows up in your life -the good, the bad and the in between- as a stepping stone on the pathway to the living your dream life.


Lean into conflict, it’s important for you to understand and embrace the purpose of conflict.  Develop life style conflict management strategies that teach you how to master conflict resolution.  Learn how to utilize conflict to strengthen relationships.  Develop the skills necessary to transform conflict from a stumbling block, that prevents you from having a life of peace and happiness, to a stepping stone that guides you on the pathway to developing the life of your dreams.

During our time together, you will discover

The true purpose of conflict

How to conduct an insightful inventory of past and current conflict

How to move from victim to victor

The mindset needed to lean into conflict

The strategy for transforming conflict into a stepping stone


Dr. Dravon James demonstrates a simple pathway to utilize the most powerful tool of our time to create the life of your dreams.  The principles of Every Day Peace can be implemented by each attendee immediately to experience improvement in what she calls the BIG THREE- Health, Wealth and Relationships.

During our time together, you’ll

Identify your core values

Develop self-care routines that help you improve your BIG THREE

Develop strategies to decrease stress and increase creativity

Discover self-talk tricks that create instant results

Discover how to replace the habits and routines that are blocking your path-

way to a happier more fulfilled life with ones that lead you to the life of your dreams


Uncovering the real reason for your personal and professional pursuits creates clarity.  When you replace chaos and confusion with clarity you open the door to endless possibilities and you unleash untapped creative energy.  Clarity has an amazing trickle-down effect that produces positive results personally and professional.

During our time together, you’ll

Perform self-assessment that reveals your true vision for your life

Discover your WHY…the real reason you’re trying to succeed, change and improve

Discover how to switch your mindset from focusing on the past to living in and experiencing the benefits of the present moment

Learn how to transform so called mistakes into opportunities

Learn how to design an action plan that you can implement immediately